It’s more than words, sounds and pictures. It’s FACT-BASED CREATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT INFLUENCE AN OUTCOME.


Saint John was looking to bring more visitors to the city by reaching new audiences and turning around outdated perceptions. Using a folkloric approach to messaging, our campaign wove together a charming story about the city’s incomparable dining, outdoor, heritage and urban experiences. Since its launch, the creative has evolved to promote attraction partners, festivals, events and retail opportunities.  

Saint John Tourism Campaign Bus Wrap

Ego Website


Our client was introducing a new concept to the region, a combination hair, piercing, and tattoo studio. The image had to say ‘clean and reputable, but edgy’ so it would appeal to many different audiences.

EGO has become the embodiment of self-expression, a place where you can explore the different sides of your personality. From the name and brand identity, to the website, signage and look of the store itself, we helped EGO personify and launch their new business, create a shop that would be comfortable for every visitor, and that brought the image of traditional tattoo parlors out of the shadows.


We love our city and are proud to have helped put it on the map as an international destination and shaped its identity as the #1 family destination and entertainment hub within the province.

From the development of the annual publication to the creation of logos and support materials for special events, Hawk has been a key partner in promoting the place we call home.



Cancer can hit close to home. In Atlantic Canada, a staggering 1 in 3 people is affected by it. But as a result of the research done right here in the region, the survival rate is on the rise.

We feel privileged to have been chosen by ACRI to create an awareness campaign that demonstrates the importance of research and how critical donations are in saving lives. A cause that directly affects our community and loved ones, we jumped at the chance to play a part in spreading the word.

Through TV, cinema, radio, digital, out-of-home and print, we helped ACRI get the message out. We were delighted to hear that in just 8 weeks, ACRI had already achieved 45% of its $10,000,000 goal.


Everybody loves a winner, and ALC certainly creates their share in Atlantic Canada. However, they’re continually looking for innovative gaming ideas and creative solutions that will engage and invigorate a new generation of players. That was the challenge that ALC brought to Hawk when they needed help launching their games online. Hawk developed campaigns that not only drove gaming to the web, but that also captured the attention of ALC’s consumers by delivered unique and memorable brand experiences in retail locations and in other unexpected places. It was a bonus for us when the work went on to win awards!

Mini Moncton "Ballpit" Airport Installation and Social Media Campaign


Speed and responsiveness are the operative words in the life of this local business. Hawk’s assignment was to promote the dealership in unique and creative ways, while at the same time staying true to the brand stories (BMW always presented as the legendary performance machine and MINI as a trendsetting thrill ride.)

And really, what car is more lovable than a MINI? We took to Facebook to spread that love around to potential buyers and existing MINI owners (aka MINIacs.) MINI is known for its ‘Not Normal’ approach to awareness and that allowed us to flex our creative muscles when coming up with tactics and messaging to reach new customers and reinforce MINIac pride. And it worked ‘wheelie’ well. Check it out!



Hawk created one of the most successful burger campaigns Moncton had ever seen when it helped to elevate Casino New Brunswick’s signature product to the status of ‘local legend’ – one that begged to be conquered. ‘The Moose’ was not just a burger; it was an experience, from its original advertising to its unique presentation.  


Casino New Brunswick (Moose's Wild) 'It's That Big' extension billboard


What’s more important in the world of packaged goods than the way a product looks on the shelf? Taste, of course. But when you happen to have a delicious product, a tasteful identity and a brand story rooted in a small PEI farm can make you simply irresistible.



Somewhere along the way the idea that university was for people who wanted a career and community college was for people who wanted to swing a hammer got nailed into people’s head. Hawk worked at changing this perception with the launch of the campaign, “College Works.” This campaign delivered a simple message: NBCC is the best option to get your career started fast. We used a combination of traditional and not-so-traditional media to get the word out, and it worked (which irked the competition quite a bit.) Website

Royale Osc'Purrs Promotion Microsite

Royale Tiger Towel Food Truck Promotion Microsite


If there’s a brand that receives its share of consumer love it’s Royale, which is somewhat surprising given that it makes household paper products. But, it’s not by chance. With its Canadian icons, the Royale Kittens, and the help of a communication strategy that keeps them fresh and modern, Hawk has helped move Royale from number 5 to number 1 in unaided awareness amongst Canadians in the bathroom tissue category, and is steadily gaining share in the paper towel category.

In the digital world, we launched and continue to manage an engaging Royale Kittens Facebook page that now boasts a community of over 187,000 likers, and we keep microsite promotions ‘rolling’ throughout the year. Oh, and the new responsive website we designed and crafted content for? It saw a traffic spike of 4000% in the first month alone.

See how we spread kitten love at and on Facebook



STU’s focus on liberal arts education appeals to a specific type of student and resonating with those individuals is vital to each campaign’s success. Even though themes change from year to year, at the core of every recruitment campaign is a single notion: when you choose St. Thomas University, unique, meaningful and inspiring experiences will follow.


2015 New Brunswick Official Touring Guide

2015 New Brunswick Official Touring Guide


It’s very exciting to be able to promote the place where you live and play every day, and working with Tourism New Brunswick allows us to do just that. Our undertaking on the annual travel guide and marketing materials for this client is huge; from developing content based on EQ segmentation and creating a guide that’s user friendly, to creating and managing marketing opportunities for operators. But at the end of the day, having the chance to spread love for our own province and hearing about the wonderful experiences visitors have had here makes it all worthwhile.