Products & Audiences: A Lesson In Diversifying

Did you know that with a change in strategy and by adapting your message, you can tap into millions of potential customers? More than 20% ($6 million +) of the Canadian population is foreign-born… and that market share is only growing. And 1 in every 3 dollars* spent in Canada is by multicultural consumers, a fact that directly affects brands interested in boosting their sales. By identifying that your product resonates with ethnic audiences, and by using insights to determine what to say and where to say it, a sales increase is likely to follow.

Now, success in multicultural marketing does not come without its challenges. Language barriers, cultural nuances, product relevance, and connecting to the audience are all points that must be considered before executing such a campaign. Our recent experience in building brand love for our client ROYALE in ethnic markets across Canada has inspired us to share success stories of other big brands who did it right: 

Apple proved that with a simple concept, one message could appeal to all audiences in this commercial for the iPhone 5c: 

Nestlé Canada did their homework when they positioned Quality Street candy as the ideal gift for Diwali among Indo-Canadians, a program that has been an annual success since: 

Kraft showed audiences how to adapt traditional Kraft Dinner into a meal that appealed to their cultural palate

Brita combined cultural nuances with a well-timed product launch to achieve ethnic marketing success:

McDonald’s is no stranger to multicultural marketing. In addition to diversifying within North America, they’ve taken their services to other countries by adapting their menu items to fit local cultures around the world: 

Posted on October 20, 2014 .