The 9 Types of Holiday Shoppers

Hey marketing experts, are you ready for holiday shoppers?

You know that all shoppers are not created equally and you want to make your customer’s shopping experience a smooth one. So how do you do that, especially during the busiest shopping months of the year?

This year, understanding the growing role that digital plays in the purchase decisions will be crucial. Online shopping is predicted to account for almost 50% of holiday sales this year, but people are consulting their mobile devices while in-store too, scanning reviews and ratings, doing price comparisons before buying, and posting about their experiences, making their smartphone the ultimate shopping companion.

And with Canadians expected to spend on average $885 (per person) during the 2014 holiday season, it’s no wonder that you’d want to pull out all the stops to capitalize on sales.

This helpful infographic details 9 types of holiday shoppers and the best ways to reach them.

Posted on November 21, 2014 .