How Far Will Fans Go For Their Brands?

Enthusiasts, advocates, loyalists, supporters, die-hards, fanatics – no matter what you call them, these consumers are all about showing off their brand love. And that love is good for business.

What they love, they share, and the results create something extremely valuable: User-generated content (UGC), an open and authentic dialogue initiated by a fan, not the brand. And because it’s user-generated, it tends to do wonders to boost credibility and spark interest in the brand. Paired with other campaign initiatives, user-generated content helps companies grow their fan base, encourages customer loyalty, and can mean an increase in sales. Here are 3 brands who put their user-generated content to work for them with great success.


Due to the booming success of this year’s Share a Coke campaign, Coca-Cola will be bringing the personalized bottles back next year. But the campaign wasn’t just a sales generator for the brand. It also led to a stream of creative user generated content, like this unique baby announcement:


Starbucks was inspired by the cup art customers were coming up with, so they turned it into a UGC contest. The winning artist’s design appears on a limited edition reusable cup that can now be purchased.


MINI Cooper fanatics are aptly called ‘MINIacs’ – enough said! From photo and test drive challenges to coast-to-coast road trips, MINI is known for having some of the most loyal and proud customers in the auto world and this passion has effectively translated into an abundance of user-generated content for the brand. 

But what is the ultimate form of brand fanaticism? How about being branded… with a tattoo:

So, how far would you go to show your brand love?

Posted on November 3, 2014 .