There’s More To These Logos Than Meets The Eye

Simple. Unique. Adaptable. Timeless. Appropriate. Memorable. These are the defining characteristics of a strong logo. Marry smart design with these qualities and voila, brand magic! But do you ever wonder about the story that lies behind logos?

Sometimes the “secret” message within a logo design is obvious. But others carry subtle cues that you have to look harder to pick up on. 

Here are a few of the logos we’ve created for our local clients that contain hidden symbols, and the stories behind them that led to their fateful design:


Story: The name itself suggests a possible link to the number three, but one glance at the restaurant’s specialty menu confirms the theme – meals and drinks that come in threes. The logo features a modern font for the trendy bistro, and the incorporation of 3 strokes to make up the letter ‘I’ in the word “TRIO”, bringing the theme full circle.

Action Car and Truck Accessories

Story: Action is a manufacturer of truck caps and Canada’s largest automotive accessory retailer. The design for such a brand commanded a bold font and look relatable to the audience. A simple but strong color palette was chosen and the letter ‘A’ morphed into a curving highway, a nod to the industry.

Magnetic Hill Zoo

Story: Rumored to have magnetic properties, Magnetic Hill is a famous attraction here in Moncton. Located on the same site is the Magnetic Hill Zoo. When the Zoo wanted a new logo, big cats were the focus of their latest campaign, and thus incorporated into the new design. If you look closely, you’ll see a magnet icon, pulled from the Magnetic Hill logo, to make up the eyes and nose of the lion.

Un Phare Dans la Nuit

Story: Translated to “A lighthouse in the night,” the event was brought about to shine a light on mental health. The logo featured colorful guitar picks (for the artists and performers who came together in support of the event) purposefully arranged to form a lighthouse at the centre.

Famous big brands use this technique of short storytelling through symbols, too. Take a look at some of them here.

Posted on December 19, 2014 .