Bring Business Home for the Holidays

Looking for inspiration when it comes to finding that perfect, one-of-a-kind or super special gift for the people on your holiday shopping list? Look no further than the small shops in your area! Aside from being beneficial to your hometown’s economy, shopping locally can yield unparalleled service, and be great for finding personal and even unique gifts for friends and family.

Take a look at what the HAWK team had to say about their favourite local shops:

CHRISTIE, Community Manager

I love giving handmade gifts and there’s no better place to find so many wonderful options from talented local artisans than at the farmers’ market. We’re lucky to have two to choose from.

LIZ, Creative Writer

I adore the little trinkets at Terra Verde. For anyone who loves unique gadgets or really enjoys cooking, it’s a great spot to find perfect stocking stuffers or that awesome Secret Santa present.

SARAH, Account Director

I love Les Gourmandes in Downtown Moncton. Their homemade fine cheeses, gourmet chocolates and truffles, and chutneys make great ‘little’ gifts, especially for teachers.

BEN, Account Executive

It’s a little bit outside of town but the Sackville Harness Shop does amazing leatherwork. Apart from the obvious items they sell (harnesses, collars, and leads), it’s a great place to find bags, belts, and boots that make outstanding gifts!

FRANÇOIS, VP & Creative Director

For music lovers, I recommend La Guitare. Big purchases aside, accessories, like a new set of strings, always make good stocking stuffers. They also offer music lessons, which is a cool gift idea for people who want to learn to play.

CHRIS C, Art Director

We are so used to big box stores now that it’s rare to get the type of personal customer service that you receive at Service Shoe Shop. Their advice is always honest – you can tell they are not just trying to sell you the most expensive shoe, but the shoe that is perfect for your needs. Even though you can get cheaper shoes online, I still take my business there because of the quality of their products and the amazing service.


It wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to MacArthur's Nursery. They bring the Christmas spirit to life with their amazing displays. And the hot cider they hand out to take the chill off helps too.

LORI, Production Manager

There’s a wonderful little gift shop in Sackville called Earth that showcases the work of several East Coast Canadian artisans. It is filled with unique one-of-a-kind pieces (artwork, pottery, jewelry, clothing) and is well worth the trip if you are looking to treat yourself or someone else this holiday season.   

DIANE, Receptionist

I was surprised at just how much Ivan’s Camera offers when it comes to photography gift ideas; stuff I didn’t even know existed! They are bilingual, helpful and very friendly. When given the chance, I’ve learned that smaller businesses will go out of their way to help.  

DAVID, Production Manager and Print Specialist

I can spend lots of time (and money) at Read’s Newsstand on Main Street finding unusual and specialty magazines for friends and family! They carry a great variety of publications for all interests and are great for everyone who still appreciates the look and feel of quality printing and paper.  

SUSAN, VP Strategy & COO

One of my favourites is Service Shoe/Cara. They are one of the few locally owned spots with really good quality shoes, plus they offer a lot of neat services like heel repairs and re-stitching. They also have a good portfolio of cleaning and protecting products, as well as work footwear available at the Mechanic Street store, while Cara goes more high fashion. One of the few places in town you can get FLY London shoes (very cool!) The staff is pleasant and the environment at both locations is very authentic. I only own a few pairs of their shoes because quality costs money, but I do confess to watching for sales. 

Posted on December 5, 2014 .