A Cause Close to Home

We LOVE our community and its health is extremely important to us, which is why we couldn’t be any prouder of the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI) or more grateful for the work being done by their exceptional team. ACRI has made tremendous strides in cancer research since its inception less than two decades ago, and their work impacts the lives of everyone in Atlantic Canada.

As the region with the highest cancer rate in the country, no one is immune to the effects of cancer: 1 in 3 people will be affected by some form of cancer in their lifetime. But thanks to research, survival rate is on the rise (at over 60%), a true testament to the importance of research breakthroughs in detection and treatment.

Atlantic Canada is also the most underfunded area of the country when it comes to research dollars, which is why the work that ACRI is doing is so vital here at home – money raised goes directly into funding research in the region, research that contributes to early detection; better diagnostic and prognosis tools, and improved treatments.

Some of ACRI’s pivotal achievements include:

Developing of a proprietary technology to improve early detection of prostate, breast and pancreatic cancers.

Becoming among the first research centers in the world to purchase a breakthrough technology called the Ion Proton Sequencer, which converts genetic information contained in DNA or RNA to an electrical signal which is captured and processed computationally.  

Winning a Knowledge Industry Recognition and Achievement (KIRA) award for best technological advancement and innovation in the public sector.

Conducting cutting-edge research that will contribute on a global level to finding a cure.

As they pursue a $10-million fundraising goal as part of their latest campaign, let’s give them our utmost support in making cancer history. If you think about the Atlantic Canadian population, that works out to about $2 per person. That’s a small price to pay to help save the lives of loved ones here at home.

To learn more about ACRI and to find out how you can contribute, visit www.CancerResearchSavesLives.ca

Posted on July 2, 2014 .