Moncton’s ‘Top Nosh’ For Food

There’s no shortage of community pride in Moncton, and with good reason. It’s a great place to live and to visit. Generally when you ask people why they love their hometown, a laundry list of PROS will follow. When we polled the members of the HAWK team, we discovered a common thread in everyone’s answer: The food!

The food scene is exploding in Moncton as of late. Not only is there a variety of restaurants to suit all tastes, but the options for ethnic foods has seen tremendous growth. And we wanted to spread some love for the local restaurants we cannot get enough of.


Ben Wilson, Account Coordinator

Place:  Zio’s Pizzeria

Why it’s so great:  Consistently great quality at an amazing price.

TRY:  Classic 16” pepperoni pizza with the garlic and parmesan crust… #DatSauceDo


Jeff Gaudet, President

Place: Isac Korean Cuisine

Why it’s so great: Fresh, fast, and friendly – they get to know you by name

TRY: Spicy Pork Bi Bim Bap


Bill Whalen, CEO

Place: The Windjammer

Why it’s so great: The food is amazing but the service (led by Maître'D, Frederick) is impeccable. From the moment you arrive the evening is very special, and for me that is what a night out with my wife, friends, or clients should be.

TRY:  The new menu.  With Kobe classic steak, Blue Dot from PEI, or the Tomahawk certified Angus, the Windjammer is the only real chop house in town.


Maggie Fowler, Account Coordinator

Place: Calactus

Why it’s so great: The atmosphere is great, it’s got a unique sense of style, the people who work there are friendly, always smiling, and deliver great service.

TRY:  The Big Marc Burger. It comes loaded with deliciousness, with a side of home fries and the best caesar salad I’ve ever had here.


Liz Fillmore, Creative Writer

Place: Pink Sushi

Why it’s so great: The quality is excellent and there’s a lot of variety. Everything has it’s own unique flavour and presentation.

TRY:  The Volcano Roll or the Las Vegas Roll. The sashimi appetizer is great too!


Med Badr Chemmaoui, Graphic Designer – Production Artist

Place: Rossano’s 

Why it’s so great: Their deserts are awesome, especially when they present them to you at the end of your meal, you just can’t refuse! 

TRY:  Chicken Fettuccine


Christie Smith, Community Manager – Social Media

Place: I couldn’t choose just 1 – I love BOTH Café Archibald and La Louche

Why they’re so great: At Café Archibald, I’m deeply in love with their pizza and homemade soups.

La Louche’s homemade soups and sandwiches are great too and I love that they blend amazing flavours and use locally sourced ingredients.


Café Archibald - Pizzas. All of them. Asking me to choose my favourite would be like asking a mother to choose her favourite child.

La Louche - Tomato soup! And the Apple and Blue cheese grilled cheese is fantastic!


Chris Choiniere, Senior Art Director

Place: The Bangkok Thai food truck

Why it's so great: The food is delicious – nice and spicy. I love the food truck culture and it’s convenient. I hope it keeps growing in Moncton.

TRY:  Chicken Curry

If these recommendations don’t drive home the idea of our love for local eateries, this 'Moncton Moments' video featuring Vice President and Creative Director, François Giroux, certainly will!

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What epicurean hot-spot would YOU add to this list?

Posted on July 24, 2014 .