UGC & Brands That Nailed It

When brands relinquish the reigns of a campaign to their customers, they hope to unearth the precious material known as user generated content (UGC), the potential makings of content gold.

A UGC initiative, when done successfully, develops deeper brand interactions, creates a sense of pride among the audience, and adds to the brand’s credibility. It can also go a long way to secure brand loyalty.

Brands can motivate UGC participation with incentives (prizing), by inspiring the audience (appealing to their interests), or by promising visibility (a level of fame that comes with sharing and crediting the idea to the originator.)

Our work with ROYALE is an example of a non-incentivized UGC campaign that converted the audience’s love of kittens into a successful social media story:

What better way to celebrate a 50th anniversary than with a HUGE party… with kittens! ROYALE fans were invited to upload pictures of their furry friends and join in on the festivities. Over 1,800 pictures were uploaded (700 of which were shared by ROYALE fans) and one paid post reached over 783,064 Facebook users! Kittens have been reigning king for ROYALE content ever since.

Here are just a few other UGC campaigns we loved:

David’s Tea “TeaFF”

Premise: Tea lovers nominate a pal who loves tea just as much as they do for a chance to win a prize pack. Submissions include an image and a story that is uploaded to a wall for everyone to see.

Motivator: Incentive/Inspiration/Visibility

IKEA #HouseRules

Premise: Users share their holiday #HouseRules with the world

Motivator: Inspiration/Visibility 

Starbucks “White Cup Contest”

Premise: Fans were asked to create their own white cup designs. The winning cup would be manufactured and available for sale in stores.

Motivator: Incentive/Visibility

Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl Contest”

Premise: Fans have a chance to create their own TV commercial for Doritos. The winner has their ad played during the Super Bowl.

Motivator: Incentive/Visibility

iPhone “iPhone Photography Awards”

Premise: iPhone, iPod and iPad users have a chance to submit the undoctored images they’ve taken with their Apple devices for a chance to win an annual award and recognition.

Motivator: Incentive/Inspiration/Visibility

Posted on February 10, 2015 .