Something for Everyone: 16 Apps We Can’t Live Without

We asked the team at HAWK what Apps they can’t live without and each person had a different pick, for different reasons.

Chris Choiniere, Senior Art Director

Toggl timer. It’s a time tracking app that is super easy to use. It’s great for creatives to have on their phone – you just flip it on and create efficient and accurate time logs whether you are sitting at your desk working on a file or brainstorming on the couch.

Gil Jackson, Art Director

WhatsApp. This App is great because it lets you text and send videos, pictures and audio files to an individual or a group of people (who also have the App) anywhere in the world, without having to pay for text messaging services. I love this App because my sister-in-laws live in Holland and that’s how we keep in touch. We send texts and share pictures, so I get to see my adorable little niece growing up.

MyFitnessPal. I also like this calorie counter and fitness App because it keeps me honest when it comes to dieting and exercising.

Maggie Fowler, Account Coordinator

Trivia Crack. I haven’t tried it yet but all my friends are addicted to it. I know it’s only a matter of time before I download it.

Lori Morice, Production Manager

Houzz. I’m currently renovating my house and this is a great App to see what’s currently in style and how to bring together different ideas within a single room.

SkyView and Planets. I am completely fascinated by the night sky. Both of these Apps are great for discovering what’s out there and what’s visible based on the different hours of the day or times of the year.

Chris Farella, Associate Creative Director

Martin Tuner. No matter what your skill level, you can benefit from this free guitar-tuning App. You can expertly tune your guitar, practice to become a more efficient ear-tuner and the ‘Pro-Tip’ videos are extremely helpful in teaching you everything from properly stringing your guitar to using a capo.

Francois Giroux, Vice President and Creative Director 

PS Express. This App is like Photoshop ‘mini.’ I love how quickly it adjusts flat and lifeless iPhone pics into more life-like images. I use this App to adjust my iPhone pics, especially when I go on bike rides on the marsh. Take a look at the results on my Pinterest Board.

Errol Girvan, Graphic Designer

TASCAM PCM Recorder MK II. As a musician, this is my go-to App for rehearsals. Basically it’s a portable stereo recorder. You can check fader levels and frequencies for better sound quality and to prevent overload and distortion of sound. It also allows you to save your recordings to listen to or share later.

Andre Levesque, Vice President Client Service

Flipboard. I would go bonkers if I didn’t have this App, it’s truly a diamond in the rough. It’s like having your own personalized magazine. You type in your subject of interest (or you can choose many) and you’re delivered a constant stream of articles about those things; things like news, product information, industry trends, personal interests, whatever! It’s even a great distraction if you have 30 minutes to kill. 

Susan Jones, Vice President, COO

OverDrive Media Console. This eReader App is my absolute favourite. It will let you view several different formats of eBook, you can download things you’ve purchased on Google Books, you can borrow from a library, and you can manage everything on the same bookshelf. It works on any device and is excellent.

Ben Wilson, Account Executive

Side Chef. I love this step-by-step cooking App! It has photos, instructions, an automatic timers, and even accepts voice commands to keep things moving when you’ve got dirty hands and don’t want to get your phone or tablet messy.

Steve Thompson, Account Executive

Peekaboo Barn. Nothing stops a 15-month-old from freaking out, and calms them down better, than this educational game.

Posted on February 20, 2015 .