Who Do You Spread Brand Love For?

Ever love a brand so much that you don’t think you could ever live without it? Its products complete you. You aspire to be connected to it. You just can’t get enough of it. We get it, which is why we live and breathe BRAND love day in and day out.

So what brands do WE love most?


Ben Wilson - Account Executive

My BRAND LOVE is for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Growing up in Vermont, I was a die-hard fan living in Bruins territory, but that didn’t stop me. My childhood room was (and still is) painted in blue and white. My phone background image, my computer’s wallpaper, my online screen names – all Leaf-themed. I follow Leaf blogs, watch Leaf game reaction videos, listen to Leaf podcasts, and wear Leaf clothing… I just can’t get enough; I’m a true fanatic. The last time they made it past the 1st round of the playoffs I was 10 years old and yet I still watch every game regardless of their ranking because that’s how loyal I am to this brand.


Errol Girvan - Graphic Designer

SABIAN (specifically, the HHX series) is definitely my pick for BRAND LOVE. One of my greatest passions is music, and as a drummer, I demand quality sound from my equipment and SABIAN consistently delivers. I also enjoy scouring the Internet, classified ads, and second-hand stores for obscure or discontinued models of SABIAN cymbals. They’re literally all over my house, hanging on my walls like art. I’m proud to say I have worked on their business in the past and think it’s great that they are a family-run company based in New Brunswick with world-renowned products. How cool is that?


André Levesque - Vice President, Client Services

My heart and BRAND LOVE belong to Blue Moon Brewing Co. I am constantly looking for quality craft beer that’s unique and enjoyable. I stumbled upon Blue Moon six years ago when on vacation. Always eager to try something different, I grabbed a six-pack of their Belgian White Ale and it was love at first sip. The craftsmanship and subtle twist on the traditional wheat ale behind Blue Moon’s Belgian White makes your taste buds dance right down to the very last drop. If you think I’m exaggerating, I urge you to try it and tell me I’m wrong. Whenever I’m travelling in the US, a great smile comes to my face whenever I see Blue Moon’s beautiful blue labels on tap or on shelves. 


Sarah Munn - Account Director

Google has my BRAND LOVE hands down. Few companies, in my opinion, have had as large an impact on our daily lives as Google. Remember when factoids stayed on the tip of your tongue, when you travelled with big, bulky maps, or when all your research had to be done at a library? Thanks to Google, that’s all in the past. It is everywhere, powering our enormous access to information and how we connect with each other. From YouTube to Google Earth to Google News – it has transformed how we process information. It is even changing how and what our brains are choosing to remember. How do I know that? I just ‘Googled it.’


Alessandro Corazza - Account Director

I would have to say my BRAND LOVE is Honda, not so much for their cars, but for their motorcycles and power equipment. The company was started by an engineer, and is one of the rare cases where saying a product was “designed by engineer” isn’t a slur. They’re quietly competent without being flashy. When they push the envelope it’s on the product itself, not by making lofty claims. I love that about this brand.


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Posted on April 10, 2015 .