If You Don’t Capture #EverySecond How Will You Know It Happened?

By Hawk Creative Writer, Liz Wiltshire

Have you heard about IKEA Canada’s new campaign? It’s called Make #EverySecond count. Here, take a look at the spot

The heartwarming commercial does a great job of reminding us that home truly is where the heart is; it reminds us that our most cherished memories are often built off of the little moments spent doing everyday things; and it encourages us to enjoy every second because they are precious and must not be wasted.

Now take a minute to go to IKEA’s website (www.ikea.com) where you get the rest of the story. There you’ll find out that if you capture and share your favourite moments with IKEA, you could become part of user-generated commercial (aka: “the ask”). IKEA wants us to soak up every moment of home life possible…yet break that in order to spend time on social media and their website talking about it.

Wait, what?

It only takes 30 seconds to make soap Mohawks, but everyone knows that it takes several minutes to grab your phone (if it isn’t glued to your hand), activate the camera and capture that moment you didn’t want to pass you by (and that’s if you don’t stage it first (#nofilter, yeah right.))

What’s interesting to me is this: Go back and look at the commercial. Who’s taking a “time out” to capture those moments? Not a single device can be seen in any of the scenes. The people who are having all the fun and savoring #EverySecond are the people who are IN THE MOMENT. Sorry, cameraperson, but it looks like you’re missing out.

I appreciate that IKEA gets WHO they are talking to (people who are starting out and need furniture to feather their nests (millennials) and HOW to talk to them (we are living in the digital age of oversharing, after all) but doesn’t “the ask” (share with us) seem counterintuitive to the philosophy (make every second count)?

As a millennial myself, I’m constantly at war choosing between my FOMO (fear of missing out – hence the need to be in on the conversation), my need for recognition (hey, I overshare with the best of them) and my desire to live my life more organically.

And just as I find conflict between who I want to be and the social norms of today, I find myself equally conflicted about this campaign.

What do you think?

Posted on January 14, 2016 .