Are You The Account Coordinator Superhero We’re Looking For?


You haven’t been bitten by a radioactive spider or developed any seemingly unnatural talents, but your heightened multi-tasking and time management skills make it seem that way.


You use your marketing powers of strategic thinking to fight the competition and you can comfortably handle multiple accounts, manage numerous projects, and remember countless details better than most humanoids.


You are willing to leap over tall buildings and move faster than a speeding train to protect your clients’ brands (well, not really, but you get what we mean.)


Your natural enemy? Deadlines. But you conquer them every time. You aren’t just on top of things… you’re ahead of the game.


You are super-fast at learning new things and have an eagerness to grow that is out of this world.


It’s clear that marketing is your calling and you aspire to become one of the industry greats, so why not grab your cape and join the league of extraordinary and unstoppable marketers at HAWK?


Send your resume along with your superhero alias to