It’s more than managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. It’s knowing how to frame the conversation to ensure the message is delivered to the right people, through the right channels.

We’re a leader in motivating community engagement by designing public participation programs to meet the needs of our various clients.


Cancer can hit close to home. In Atlantic Canada, a staggering 1 in 3 people is affected by it. But as a result of the research done right here in the region, the survival rate is on the rise.

We feel privileged to have been chosen by ACRI to create an awareness campaign that demonstrates the importance of research and how critical donations are in saving lives. A cause that directly affects our community and loved ones, we jumped at the chance to play a part in spreading the word.

Through TV, cinema, radio, digital, out-of-home and print, we helped ACRI get the message out. We were delighted to hear that in just 8 weeks, ACRI had already achieved 45% of its $10,000,000 goal.



The Friends’ annual campaigns are pivotal in raising awareness and funds, and in making the Foundation one of the top charities in the Moncton area. Our campaigns share the stories of patients, their families and medical experts – the people who donations affect the most – so that donors can see firsthand how impactful giving can be to someone in need. It’s a cause that hits close to home, and touches our hearts with every new campaign. We hope it does the same for you.

NBNU ‘Critical’ Digital Advertising


Registered Nurses are highly trained professionals that are irreplaceable to the healthcare system. Hawk created the successful “There is No Substitute” campaign to demonstrate that RNs are ‘Trusted Professionals’ that are capable of making ‘Critical Decisions’ with their ‘Irreplaceable Knowledge.’ Through television, print and online material, this campaign was successful in bolstering pride among union membership and raising awareness of the sheer importance Registered Nurses play in the well-being of New Brunswickers.