It’s more than words, sounds and pictures. It’s FACT-BASED CREATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT INFLUENCE AN OUTCOME.


We partnered with Irving Oil to Pump Up The Fun on social media during their summer promotion. Inspired by the promotion’s existing creative idea, we crafted entertaining, engaging and sharable Facebook and Twitter posts, some targeted specifically to the audience’s hometowns which boosted interaction substantially.

In three short months, we saw amazing results in reach and engagement on the campaign posts, and increased Irving’s Facebook likers by more than 10,000 and their Twitter followers by 50%. Talk about ‘pumping up’ the brand love!


As the digital agency for Scotties, it’s our job to understand, manage and motivate their online communities. Not only have we helped grow their Facebook fan base to over 116,000 in a short period of time, but we also regularly imagine and execute online promotions for them. And when their website needed a su-PURR soft makeover, we quickly got to work on building a site that was more modern, easier to navigate and that put the newest additions, the Scotties Kittens, at the forefront.

Take a peek at the softest Scotties ever over at




If there’s a brand that receives its share of consumer love it’s Royale, which is somewhat surprising given that it makes household paper products. But, it’s not by chance. With its Canadian icons, the Royale Kittens, and the help of a communication strategy that keeps them fresh and modern, Hawk has helped move Royale from number 5 to number 1 in unaided awareness amongst Canadians in the bathroom tissue category, and is steadily gaining share in the paper towel category.

In the digital world, we launched and continue to manage an engaging Royale Kittens Facebook page that now boasts a community of over 187,000 likers, and we keep microsite promotions ‘rolling’ throughout the year. Oh, and the new responsive website we designed and crafted content for? It saw a traffic spike of 4000% in the first month alone.

See how we spread kitten love at and on Facebook Website

Royale Osc'Purrs Promotion Microsite

Royale Tiger Towel Food Truck Promotion Microsite


Majesta is a well-known brand of household paper products in Atlantic Canada, but in order to compete with national brands for limited shelf space, it has to work hard. Our solution was to create a story that was both interesting to consumers and unique enough to stand out against the opposition. Using a mix of traditional marketing, social media and community-focused initiatives, Majesta quickly began to ‘shake up’ the competition and set itself apart in the minds of consumers.


Everybody loves a winner, and ALC certainly creates their share in Atlantic Canada. However, they’re continually looking for innovative gaming ideas and creative solutions that will engage and invigorate a new generation of players. That was the challenge that ALC brought to Hawk when they needed help launching their games online. Hawk developed campaigns that not only drove gaming to the web, but that also captured the attention of ALC’s consumers by delivered unique and memorable brand experiences in retail locations and in other unexpected places. It was a bonus for us when the work went on to win awards!



Warning: Looking at this creative will definitely make you hungry. Hawk not only created this Delightfully Craveable menu and brand footprint, but was also responsible for some of Pizza Delight’s most engaging Facebook promotions ever. (like the PD Food Fight for example.)